Muesli Cookie


I had a craving for something chocolaty since couple of days but instead I went for this healthier version
of Muesli cookie (though not sure how healthy it turned out). Only thing concerning was the addition of butter. I think reducing this slightly would be helpful and will not effect the quality of cookie at all.

This post is also introducing my new Nikon Macro lens – Nikkor 60 mm f/2.8D AF. I am now wondering why I never bought a macro lens before especially for food photography. Well, I think I was still so fixated on a 50 mm lens. My 50 mm 1.4D lens has been sold and I think I am missing it a lot and wouldn’t mind getting a 50 mm 1.4G.

So here it is the 60 mm lens, All the pics in this post are from this lens, let me know how you like them. I bought this second hand and got a good deal ( 1/3 of the new lens cost). And the lens was well kept too.

This recipe is inspired by thekichn blog.

So here you go

Recipe – Muesli Cookie

1/2 cup butter (can use a seed butter too, even reduce this amount to 1/3)

1 3/4 cup unsweetened muesli ( can use a sweetened one, then reduce the quantity of honey below)

1/3 cup honey (again since I used a sweetened muesli, you can reduce this quantity further by 1tbsp)

1 large egg

1/2 cup whole wheat flour or use atta

1/2 tsp ground cinnamon

1/2 tsp salt

1 tsp vanilla

1/2 tsp baking powder

1. Melt the butter, till slightly pliable but not liquid enough (about 30 secs in microwave).

2. Let it cool slightly, Mix and add in the honey. And beat in the egg.

3. Now add the museli, baking powder and whole wheat flour.

4. Roll the dough in balls and flatten it completely into disc. Since this won’t rise or spread much so the shape you create is going to be pretty much what you had before baking.

5. On a baking tray, use a baking sheet and space the cookies and bake for about 8-10 mins, till slightly golden on top.

6. Cool it in wire racks and store in airtight jars, will keep well for about 10 days.


Adding the butter


Drizzling the honey


Egg and the honey butter mix


Ready cookie dough


Cookies ready to go into the oven


Out of the oven after approx 10 mins


Lensbaby in Lal Bagh

As you know from my previous post I recently bought a lensbaby lens. I have sold off my 50 mm 1.4 D lens and thought lensbaby would be a good experiment to try.

I wanted to try it in my favourite place – Lal Bagh and did so on a Sunday morning.

Here are some shots I took.


Lensbaby in Lal Bagh









Lensbaby Spark

Lensbaby Spark

Welcome to my brand new lens :)

Yeh! it’s a lensbaby. I wanted to try with a beginner’s spark lens and this is almost the first shot I clicked. So yeh! again. I kind of am already in love with this lens, though focusing will require some serious practice.

It all happened when I sold my trusty 50mm f/1.4D. I know, how could I and it all happened really suddenly. I have been trying to sell it for sometime and a buyer just happened to like it in the first go. And it was just gone. I have never worked better with any other lens, and most of my favourite shots are with this lens.

So all this is because I want to upgrade to a 50 mm f1.4G. I am taking sometime now to decide if I really want to buy this lens and living a life without 50mm prime.

So lensbaby spark was an ideal purchase, because I so much love bokeh and blurs.





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