It’s been long since I have posted anything here. I am not clicking as much as I used to during Project 365. But I am not yet ending this blog, my photography journey continues in 2014 and I would be doing posts more in a series rather than everyday pic.

This post is all about color of festivals – Holi.

I am back from a fabulous trip to Mathura and Agra. Mathura is known for its Holi festival, only dissapointment was I was not even prepared to click the snaps. The day I visited this temple I wasn’t expecting Holi being celebrated. This is the only decent snap I could manage after wrapping my camera with a plastic and stepping inside the temple just for few seconds. I couldn’t even see what I was clicking the crowd was maddening, but nevertheless the atmosphere was electric. I couldn’t even switch to my wide angle. It was really dissapointing.

Holi in Banke Bihari Temple

Holi in Banke Bihari

Holi in Banke Bihari

You have to have a look at the wonderful images from this temple during Holi.

Getting ready for Holi in Gokul

Getting ready for Holi

I took this shot in Gokul village, Mathura. Mathura celebrates Holi in the most grand way, where the events are conducted at different days in different villages. Though I missed the Holi in the famous Barsana, I was in time to see the holi in Gokul, where the famous Latmaar holi is also played. During this time the women folk beat the men with sticks (more like a symbolic gesture).







Day 365.365 – Sunset of the year

Dec 31

So this marks the end of my project 365. The last pic, where my brother is aptly looking towards the last sunset of the year, in a mustard field. Apologies for posting this so late, we are already deep into February.

It was such an exciting project to do, but surely exhausting. So I am taking 2014 slower and decided to do smaller projects rather than a 365.

Hope you are having a wonderful 2014.

To recap I have posted some of my personal favourites from 365 project below.

You can also look at my complete set with 365 pics here – www.flickr.com/photos/anshu_si/sets/72157632400819565/#

There will be new projects in 2014 and I am sure going to keep posting lot many more things. Till now enjoy my images from the last day of 2013.

Day 365.365 –  Sunset of the year



DSC_0349 (2)1

DSC_0244 (2)

Some of my favourite pics from the year

1.365 - Strawberry Preserve

Day 6.365 - Sunday Morning

Day 91.365 - Making of Sandwich

Day 12.365 - Lemon Tea

Day 27.365 - Morning Flare

Day 59.365 - Chinese Garden

Day 83.365 - Snacking

Day 125.365 – My Country Home

Day 172.365 - Cherry Bowl

Day 210.365 –  Vanilla Ice - Cream (a week of  Blue Background  - I)

Day 325.365 – Sunset

Day 332.365 – Adorable you

Day 364.365 – Foggy Morning

Day 364.365 –  Foggy Morning

Dec 30

On my day 3 of train journey things got really chilly. When I woke up in the morning the whole scene was already engulfed in beautiful fog and the sunrise beyond this fog was breathtaking. I was so exciting to click snaps while the scene infront of me kept changing every second.








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