Bloody Mary

Posting after a long while. I really never fancied that a spicy cocktail would really be worth trying. But after making Bloody Mary, I think spicy cocktails gives a wonderful savory twist to your regular drink unlike the sweet liqueur based versions.

Recipe – Bloody Mary (for 2 servings)

2 parts Vodka (60 ml) – I used Smirnoff
4 parts freshly made tomato juice (120 ml)(Puree around 4 tomatoes , strain)
1/2 part lime juice (15 ml)
few dashes of Worcestershire sauce and Tabasco
for glass rim – use celery salt or brown sugar
Individual Celery stick for each glass
10 ice cubes for shaker
Lots of crushed ice cubes to serve

1. Rim the tall glasses with celery salt or brown sugar, freeze the glasses to chill while you make the cocktail.

2. In a shaker or a mug, mix together the tomato juice, vodka, lime juice, Worcestershire sauce and Tabasco along with ice.

3. Pour it in the chilled glass, serve with lots of crushes ice and a celery stick

Spring in Lal Bagh

I think no apology from me will justify my absence here and I thought that instead of waiting for elaborate posts which seems to never happen. I will start posting immediately when I click snaps or when I upload to flickr, my go to social media for posting pics.

So here it, one fine Sunday morning in lal bagh in early April when most of the trees which seemed nothing more interesting during rest of the days are loaded with beautiful spring flowers.

I wish I could go there more often, but time has become scarce and so have Sundays.










This one’s not from Lal Bagh but from my neighbourhood
Yellow Carpet






Day 362 – Day 365 – Final Post from 2015

I realized I have not posted the final edition of 365 pics. So here it is.

We are already in mid Feb in the new year and time has just flown. I hope I will have a different photo themes for this year and will keep you engaged.

Do look forward to my posts in 2016 and thank you for visiting my page.

Day 362.365 – Orange Salad

Dec 28

Day 362.365 - Orange Salad

Day 363.365 – Cocktail

Dec 29

It was close to new year and we went out for some drinks. I tried this unique cocktail with Wine and chocolate and surprisingly it was good.

Day 363.365 - Cocktail

Day 364.365 – Sunflare

Dec 30

My brother and mom in the flare.

Day 364.365 - Sunflare

Day 365.365 – This is the end!

Dec 31

Finally, the last pic of the project 365. It was a true learning experience and though I am missing taking pics everyday, it is kind of a relief.

I wanted to make my brother pose with a slate but didn’t find anything and instead chose this cork mat.

Day 365.365 - This is the end!