Best of 365 Project 2011

It’s lot of effort in one sentence but very rewarding. I have never learned so much about photography than forcing myself to be creative everyday and come up with a composition worth clicking. 2011 was the year I indulged into food photography and what a journey it has been.

Some of my favorite shots from 2011

It all started with this shot –
Day 1/365 New Year Resolutions!

and my first food composition

Day 9/365 Sunday Breakfast Spread

Followed by more food shots

Day 106/365 - Breakfast

Day 148/365 - Breakfast

Day 52/365 - Black forest cake

Day 61/365 Teaset

Day 318.365 - Berries (+4 in comments)

And finally the first stock photo which I sold

Day 65/365

And there were lot of other shots from my frequent visit to Lal bagh, the best green place in my city

Day 240.365 - Red spread

Day 338.365

Day 261.365

Day 51/365 Golden bokeh

Day 58/365 - In flight

And then there was vacation and travel, traveled to Singapore twice and a trip to Thailand

Day 311.365 - Long tailed boat at Phuket

Day 95/365

Day 90/365 - Columbo Transit

Day 314.365 - Pad Thai

And some showing off of my new gazettes

Day 342.365 - My Android!

And some shots from my beautiful terrace and window

Day 278.365 - Glorious Morning Light

Day 285.365 - Coffee cup bokeh

Day 327.365

Some Still Life

Day 180/365

Day 347.365

Day 363.365 - Paint brush

And my favorite – coffee shots

Day 247.365 - Coffee Beans

Day 364.365 - Coffee

Day 2/365 - Coffee Splash!

Day 254.365 - Cappuccino

Day 271.365 - Coffee Bean

Day 243.365 - Coffee with Oreo

And yet more food shots

Day 349.365 - Strawberry (+2 in comments)

Day 362.365

Day 239.365 - Avocado Shake

And finally holidays and celebrations
Day 365.365 - Happy New Year!

Day 337.365 - Christmas Coffee

Day 300.365


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