Thai Food Experience

I had been crazy about Chinese food till I tried Thai. Though spicy food is not my thing, I assure even being from India, not much of a spicy food fan. But I love the fragrant, fresh spices used in Thai food. Likes of galangal, lime leaves, lemongrass, lime, red chillies produces an amazing concoction. Who can think a lime leaf will add so much flavor to food but all these spices is what makes Thai food so special. We don’t get too many restaurants in India serving Thai food but I am sure the similarity in use of spices with Indian food can be a hit here.

I am not expert on Thai food but just from the little experience I have and the recent trip to Thailand these are my Thai Food essentials.

Green Curry and Red Curry are the essential curry paste which can be added to any dish like Prawns, Chicken, Vegetables, Seafood. If you have a Green curry paste and coconut milk a Thai meal can be prepared in a jiff.

A good recipe for Green Curry

Another good link for Green Curry

Another essential Thai dish I am in love with is Pad Thai. Pad Thai is broad noodles served with prawns and sprouts, the essential nutty flavor is developed by added roasted peanuts which have been roughly ground.

And how can I miss the spicy Tom Yum Soup, the essential Thai soup, great with any seafood. While in Thailand I tried various versions of Tom Yum, plain Tom Yum and one with Coconut Milk. It’s spicy but awesome.

Here’s one of the Pad Thai I tried


Street food is very popular in Thailand and I would suggest trying Satay and desserts like crepe on street. There’s usually one whole road dedicated to street food and they are present everywhere. I am not a big street food fan but it is worth a try if you are in for it. And let me warn you, it will cost almost as much as eating in restaurant.

A crepe stall along Patong beach


And the beautiful resort with the ocean view where we stayed




Whole fish with spicy and sweet sauce which we had on one of our island tours


Sauteed Vegetables

The awesome restaurant where we had Pad Thai and Coconut Milk based curry





A cozy restaurant in Thailand


Coconut Ice Cream

Tom Yum Soup with Rice

Day 313.365 - Tom Yum Soup


Breakfast at the resort where we stayed




And sometimes there was cup-o-noodles as well


Another curry with prawns





Finally but not the least the famous tuk-tuk and much famous night life in Thailand



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