Nostalgic Pandan Gardens

Singapore is always a special place for me. Even though now my visits will become even more infrequent I will always fondly remember this place.

I visited Pandan Gardens reservoir where we lived for sometime and this place is very nostalgic for me. I remember the long walks around the reservoir. I used to often go in the evenings and click snaps here. Once again i revisited the place.

Pandan Garden then (2009)….

Day 5/365 - 5th Jan - Boats at Sunset

Day 18/365 - 18th Jan - Sunset and the Boats

Day 17/365 - 17th Jan - Sunset at Reservoir

Day 15/365 - 15th Jan - The Bench and the Moon - Explored!

Day 14/365 - 14th Jan - Lights at Pandan Reservoir

Day 12/365 - 12th Jan - Sunset at Pandan Reservoir

Last Year


Pandan Garden Now….








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