Day 66.365 – Clothespin and the photoshop actions I use

I constantly keep getting asked by people of my workflow and how I edit my photos. My editing is usually very simple and I use few photoshop actions which are free to use.

In this post I have briefly explained set of my favorite actions which I use and demonstrated on a pic I clicked for day 66. Hope this gives some insight on how processing can be very simple and easy, though it is time consuming over time you will automatically know the set of actions you like and can quickly edit the pictures.

I don’t use lightroom but use only software freely available. My workflow includes editing RAW files in Nikon ViewNX and further editing in Photoshop CS2. In ViewNX I do basic editing on Raw files like exposure compensation and white balance correction.

Actions are very easy to use and I have a palette of actions. I have starred the ones which I frequently use in photoshop.

To use actions in Photoshop, just follow below simple steps. These have been edited in Photoshop CS2, they may vary in other versions.

1. Ensure that Action Window is visible – by clicking Windows-> Actions (Use Alt+F9)


2. Click on the arrow sign on Actions window on right hand corner and select Load Action

3. Browse to the .atn file and click load

4. To use the action, open the photo you want to process, click on the arrow, this time the one on the bottom, which says play selection.


The final image after being processed


Check out for yourself below how these actions makes a huge difference in processing and final tones of the image.

The original Picture


vintage by Scott Metts bright cream tone, check this action here .

DSC_6144-vintage by scott metts-bright cream tone

Bleached brown action from Nightfate, I extensively use this action, most of my street shots from previous posts were processed using this action. Thanks Nightfate!


Cheerful action by lieveheersbeestje, check this action here.

DSC_6144_cheerful light action by lieveheersbeestje

Yellow Breeze by Bokehlie, check this action here.

DSC_6144_yellow breeze by bokehlie

Cinnamon Action by Jules1983, check this action here.

DSC_6144_jules1983 copy

Free Primrose action by Florabella collection, for downloading this action, like her
facebook page

DSC_6144_ilp free pastels-primrose

Alexskylar soft beach vintage action


I am not much of a fan of black and white processing, but they are essential at times. I couldn’t locate the exact action on web, but check out black and white action sets available on tripwiremagzine.

DSC_6144_PA b&w_3


2 thoughts on “Day 66.365 – Clothespin and the photoshop actions I use

  1. beautiful series…! are these tricks available in photoshop? I have never noticed them.. would love to hear from you.. you can drop me an email at

    thanks Anshu.
    Btw, how is your health? recovered completely or still traces of pox are there?

    Love & good wishes

  2. thank you Amrita for enquiring about my health, I am fine now, with marks left which I guess will take time to fade. I have updated the post on how to use actions in photoshop have a look….thanks again

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