Day 119.365 – Chocolate Chip Mint Ice – Cream

Day 119.365 - Chocolate Chip Mint Ice - Cream

Apr 28

Wow, I had an ice-cream maker lying idle in my house for over 6 months. Unfortunately I couldn’t use it because my freezer was not big enough to accommodate the bowl. I recently upgraded my refrigerator and am so happy to have more room now. Not only that the ice-cream bowl fit in the freezer unleashing the world of ice-cream making. And I have been hooked ever since. In last 15 days I have already concocted several batches of delicious ice-creams, but not everything is unhealthy. There’s frozen yogurt and gelato and sorbets too.

So this was the first batch of ice-cream I tried. Chocolate Mint chip is my favorite ice-cream, no wonder it was the first on my list. And these taste even better than the store bought ice-cream, I probably will not be buying any more tubs of ice-cream. I tried to make this slightly low fat version by reducing the amount of cream.

Recipe – Chocolate Chip Mint Ice-cream

1 and half cup whole milk
1/2 cup low fat cream
4 egg yolks
1/4 cup sugar
Mint essence – 1 tsp
Chocolate, dark – 40 gms finely chopped, also can use chocolate syrup. Will explain later how

Make an egg custard by heating whole milk and cream together. In a separate bowl, whisk the egg yolks and sugar together till fluffy. Once the milk begins to heat, remove a tablespoon and gently add to the egg yolk mixture, while whisking together. Slowly add the remaining milk. Return the milk to the stove and bring it to a gently boil while whisking. Using a wooden spoon once it starts to thicken test it, running your finger on the back of spoon should leave a mark. It’s important not to overcook this. Cool in a water bath, still stirring it. Again I learned it from experience, I just left it for a couple of minutes without stirring and it started to cuddle. Once it’s around room temperature, add the mint essence. Cool it in refrigerator for atleast couple of hours.

Pour the mix in ice-cream maker and start to churn. Once it’s half churned, add the chocolate chips via the lid. If using chocolate syrup wait till the ice-cream is fully frozen. Pour the syrup gently. Freeze for another couple of hours so the ice-cream is set.

My kenwood ice-cream maker.



Before setting in the refrigerator








I made another batch of Avocado ice-cream. I just frozen a smoothie made with avocado and milk. No cream was added here.




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