Day 179.365 – Tea Pour (a week of Tea – VI)



2 thoughts on “Day 179.365 – Tea Pour (a week of Tea – VI)

  1. I love how crisp your photos always are, not to mention the smart color choices. After looking at the equipment you use, would you say the wireless remote is what helps give the photograph that final crisp touch? OR is it the extra light source from the speedlight?

    1. Hi Chakulapicha, thanks a lot for your comments. I really love your blog, excellent food photography.

      For your question now – I don’t use any strobe lighting, esp for food shots. Always use natural light coming from the window. Sometimes I would use a tripod but most of the time I am just too lazy to set it up and will use hand held. I try to take multiple shots and chose the sharpest one. Light plays an important role and most of the time prefer shooting in good light, else i will not click like in the evenings. Hope this answers some of your queries.

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