Yes I know it’s been long, and for people still out there hang on, in my earlier posts I mentioned moving to a new home as haitus to posting here.

But it’s been almost 5 months now, and I cannot use that excuse anymore.

Btw I did attempt to write a post a month back, but wordpress somehow didn’t save it and my whole post went blank, so I just didn’t find the courage to rewrite it. Lesson learned, I am writing this post offline. I have to say I hate the new editor.

Ok, enough of whining now about Sangira. This is perhaps one of my favorite wine based cocktail. I have never been a fan of wine, and think it’s all an acquired taste. Over time, I have become tolerant to wine and started liking it.

If you detest wine or consider wine to be your least favorite alcohol, Sangria is the cocktail which will make you fall in love with wine again.

There are million versions of Sangria and I suppose all would be good, the alcohol soaked fruit gives this cocktail it’s unique twist.

This one’s adapted from Design Sponge. Feel free to replace Tequila with Rum or Vodka, or experiment with other liqueurs you prefer. Any orange based Liqueur would do wonders for this recipe.

Recipe – Sangria ( Good enough for 2, double the recipe to serve 4)

1/2 bottle red wine, you can use an expensive one here, will yeild a better drink. I used Sula, an Indian based wine

1/2 cup Tequila, use golden or silver (part reason to use Tequila was to finish my gold Tequila bottle which has been lying for years now – Feel free to replace it with white Rum or Vodka)

1/4 cup brown sugar or use palm sugar or jaggery like I used

1 freshly squeezed lemon

1/3 cup orange juice, use unsweetened, I used 24 Mantra Organic Orange juice

2 apples, cored and sliced ( use apples as fresh as possible)

Again can replace the apples with combination of apples and sliced oranges or use grapes or watermelon, some recipes even use Mango

Soda to top (optional)

Most important a beautiful 1 litre or more decanter or a glass jar

Make it

Open the wine bottle, and pour it in the decanter/jar. I find this process very soothing :).

Add the sugar, tequila, orange juice, lemon juice. Use a stirrer and mix well.

Now add the sliced apples or fruits you are using. A good tip here is to slice the apples after your wine mix is ready.

As apples can be directly added to the wine and hence preventing them from browning.

Cover and chill atleast for 3 hours, it can be kept in the refrigerator upto 24 hours. But I found tastes best after 4-6 hours.

Taste peaks and will be good upto 12 hours. I had some left over at around 24 hours, this was already losing its optimal taste by then.

So ideally consume within 6 hours, but I am sure you can finish it well before that.

When serving top it with little soda, totally optional, I liked it without soda. Do add some ice-cubes.

Enjoy your long drink, you can give your guests a stirrer/toothpick to fish for the alchohol soaked fruits.










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