Lensbaby Spark

Lensbaby Spark

Welcome to my brand new lens 🙂

Yeh! it’s a lensbaby. I wanted to try with a beginner’s spark lens and this is almost the first shot I clicked. So yeh! again. I kind of am already in love with this lens, though focusing will require some serious practice.

It all happened when I sold my trusty 50mm f/1.4D. I know, how could I and it all happened really suddenly. I have been trying to sell it for sometime and a buyer just happened to like it in the first go. And it was just gone. I have never worked better with any other lens, and most of my favourite shots are with this lens.

So all this is because I want to upgrade to a 50 mm f1.4G. I am taking sometime now to decide if I really want to buy this lens and living a life without 50mm prime.

So lensbaby spark was an ideal purchase, because I so much love bokeh and blurs.





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