Day 180 – Day 189

June 29

Day 180.365 - Lal Bagh


Day 181.365 – Souvenir from Paris

June 30

I am in love with these miniature metallic Eiffel towers. You will be seeing more of this in my future posts.

Day 181.365 - Souvenir from Paris

Day 182.365 – Blend in the light

July 1

Day 182.365 - Blend in the light

Day 183.365 – Wine

July 2

My greatest regret from my recent trip to Europe has been not shopping enough for things to bring back home.

Our days in Switzerland was so consumed in our lost luggage that we didn’t shop for anything. I wanted to buy Kirsch and thought should be able to find it in France, but unfortunately didn’t. So lessons were learned and best is to buy whatever I want to buy at the time I find it, as while traveling it’s hard to find the same thing again.

These were some miniature wine bottles which I just happened to buy on my last day of trip and could get it back home.

Day 183.365 - Wine

Day 184.365 – New Hat!

July 3

Well there’s a new hat in the town and the more props the merrier. With one of the infinite poses of my brother.

Day 184.365 - New Hat!

Day 185.365 – Fruits with Honey

July 4

Day 185.365 - Fruits with Honey/

Day 186.365 – Coffee

July 5

Day 186.365 - Coffee

Day 187.365 – Roses

July 6

Day 187.365 - Roses

Day 188.365 – Roses

July 7

Day 188.365 - Roses

Day 189.365 – Mason Jars

July 8

Day 189.365 - Mason Jarshttp://s


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