Day 262 – Day 269

Day 262.365 – Coffee

Sept 19

Got my camera back from servicing and all renewed to click again after a week’s break.

Day 262.365 - Coffee

Day 263.365 – Marigold

Sept 20

In Lal Bagh

Day 263.365 - Marigold








Day 264.365 – Apple Cake

Sept 21

One of the best apple cakes ever. Recipe was from David Lebovitz site.…

Day 264.365 - Apple Cake


Day 265.365 – Tomato Salad

Sept 22

100 more days to go
Getting back into food set ups for food photography.

Day 265.365 - Tomato Salad


Day 266.365 – Iced Coffee

Sept 23

Day 266.365 - Iced Coffee


Day 267.365 – Bread

Sept 24

Day 267.365 - Bread


Day 268.365 – Coffee in New Cups

Sept 25

Day 268.365 - Coffee in New Cups

Day 269.365 – Roasted Vegetables

Sept 26

I am suddenly inspired by photographing food spreads and layouts. Offset is one of the site I adore. So this was almost my first attempt to do a wider food spread shot. And also using my 24 mm lens for the first time for this.

Roasting vegetables is another story, I have become so busy during weekdays that I came up with an idea of roasting vegetables for the tough week ahead and can assemble a meal in matter of minutes. They last well for a week in the refrigerator. In this shot you can see from left – Masala (Curry base which is essential in most Indian Dishes), Roasted Beans, Roasted Kundri (Coccinia), Tomatoes and also beet which is still to be roasted.

So for preparing a meal all it takes is putting these roasted vegetables in masala and stir up some rice. Meal is served.

Day 269.365 - Roasted Vegetables




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