Day 234 – Day 237 – Goa

Aug 22 – Aug 25

We took a mini vacation in Goa, though it was peak summer, but Goa is wonderful year around. It is one of the best places to be in India. We hired a bike and moved around, and I was so tanned at the end of the trip, it was hard to recognize me. I was in Goa 8 years ago in 2007 and really missed this place. We realized we should go there more often and me and my husband made a pact to visit it atleast once a year. Let’s see 🙂

We stayed in the North part of the district in a lovely resort close to Baga Beach, yet very secluded and calm. Baga beach is one of the busiest in Goa. Next time we would like to stay in South Goa, as Goa in itself is so huge, we couldn’t find time to touch South.

Goa is packed with beautiful beaches, amazing historic town with old churches and temples. And to add to this amazing night life and awesome food, especially if you are a see food lover. It was so much cheaper too when compared to Bangalore. For one of our dinners we gorged on a whole sea food platter, then whole roasted chicken and so many side dishes yet the bill was not more than 1200 Rs in one of the popular restaurants. I would have spent a fortune to eat such a meal in Bangalore.

Aug 22

First day in town, we hired a bike and visited Old Goa town (Velha Goa)

Basilica of Bom Jesus
I have seen this church endless time in Bollywood movies, Goa is a favourite film destination for Indian Cinemas.



Chandelier in Old Goa




It was scorching hot and then it started to rain, how wonderful.


Lovely resort where we stayed next to Baga river.


Baga Beach


Fresh catch of the day



Baga Beach, Goa

This is an evening shot of Baga beach. This is how seascape photo looks like minus ND filter, minus tripod, minus wide angle lens. Was sulking on why can’t I carry a tripod atleast once on a vacation.

Day 234.365 - Goa



Aug 23

On my 2nd day in Goa, we rode towards Northern Goa to lovely less crowded beaches – Morjim beach. We wanted to go further north but time didn’t permit and by the time we reached there sun was already setting in. Setting sun on a beach how can I miss that.

Before we could start off for the day, we walked to the sea – river confluence and the river and the sea at this meeting point was truly amazing.

Since it was one of the hottest months, we learned a lesson from day one. We decided to get up early, do a small trip come back to resort before 10 AM, get some sleep and then head out late afternoon before coming back late night. This really worked as we avoided peak mid day heat. We did the same next day, where we went to a bird sanctuary located on a local island.

Early morning sun at Baga river, this place was 2 mins walk from my resort.

I thought I was only early, but these fishermen seems to be back from their morning catch.


Towards the sunrise





My husband had a terrible day, having had two accidents. This confluence looked very shallow and tempting to swim across, infact the water was only till waist level. He thought he could swim across and did one way, while on return, a huge wave hit and the floor was laced with rocks. He scraped his hand against these rocks, though he was bleeding profusing, luckily it was not a major injury. To top to all this he had another accident in the afternoon, got bit by a local dog and on return to home we had him rabies vaccinated. Well things are like this, but we still had a cheerful day.



Back to resort for the much needed breakfast.

Breakfast in Goa


We wanted to try the much acclaimed hang out place in Goa – the Curlies Shack. This place was almost impossible to find, located in the most narrowest lanes with non existent sign boards. In the end was kind of a disappointment, I would prefer buying a bottle of beer and drinking it on a beach.

The service was extremely slow, the food served almost at the verge of us breaking down with hunger. Waiters idling around. This is one of the places basking in glory of it’s popularity.



Chapora Fort



Morjim beach

Finally we made it to the highlight of the day – the Morjim beach and at the sunset. This is one of the least crowded beach, probably because of it’s location and the sand was black like a raven. This was one of the most memorable spot for me.



Morjim Beach


Day 235.365 - Morjim Beach, Goa

Sunset, Morjim Beach


Found a sea shell on the beach




Aug 24

On 3rd day we did the same schedule get up way before the sunrise and drove till an island which has a bird sanctuary. Unfortunately the sanctuary was closed in the season. We had a wonderful drive though, with early morning Goa filled with mist and sun just rising around the corner. However, I couldn’t click too many images as we wanted to reach the sanctuary first. On our way return we took this ferry, and actually these transport whole vehicles and not to say it also reduced our travel time.




Mandovi River Ferry




Back to hotel for breakfast

Coffee with Breakfast

The beautiful Arambol beach.





This just captures fraction of magical moment when the sun is setting on the beach and with a beer in hand.

Day 236.365 - Watching the sunset



Aug 25

My last day in Goa, we took a early morning ride to Fort Agauda and on way back made to Calangute, one of the most popular beach. Though it was early morning it was already crowded and beach was heavily littered.

Day 237.365 - Calangute Beach




View of the resort where we stayed

Wild Flower, Goa


Walk in Panjim





Finally taking a flight back home

Se Cathedral in Old Goa



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