Day 362 – Day 365 – Final Post from 2015

I realized I have not posted the final edition of 365 pics. So here it is.

We are already in mid Feb in the new year and time has just flown. I hope I will have a different photo themes for this year and will keep you engaged.

Do look forward to my posts in 2016 and thank you for visiting my page.

Day 362.365 – Orange Salad

Dec 28

Day 362.365 - Orange Salad

Day 363.365 – Cocktail

Dec 29

It was close to new year and we went out for some drinks. I tried this unique cocktail with Wine and chocolate and surprisingly it was good.

Day 363.365 - Cocktail

Day 364.365 – Sunflare

Dec 30

My brother and mom in the flare.

Day 364.365 - Sunflare

Day 365.365 – This is the end!

Dec 31

Finally, the last pic of the project 365. It was a true learning experience and though I am missing taking pics everyday, it is kind of a relief.

I wanted to make my brother pose with a slate but didn’t find anything and instead chose this cork mat.

Day 365.365 - This is the end!


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