Using Baking Trays for Food Background

I am really inspired to create lots of textures and food background for photo sessions. You can read my post on using wooden background for food here.

I had a couple of old baking trays lying around which I tried so hard to scrub it clean, lining them all the time with parchment paper to avoid further stains. After using this effect now I don’t even bother scrubbing them and believe me after this DIY the more you use the baking trays the more rustic and textured it will become. I don’t bother lining these trays anymore with a parchment paper and directly add toasts, food etc. to bake. Actually the thin layer of oil has kind of made it non stick.

Create your own Rustic looking Baking Tray Background 

You will Need

  • Old metal baking trays
  • Butter

Clean your baking trays. Smear a very thin layer of butter using the butter parchment paper. Thinner the layer the better it will be, as thicker layers will take more time to burn off and stain the tray. You can also use a layer of vegetable oil around the edges. This gives a more blackish texture. With butter you will achieve more of a rust, brownish look like I got in my trays below. Heat the oven to 220 degrees C. Bake the trays for around 30 mins placing it on top rack. Remove let it cool, wash it off, scrubbing slightly to get the desired texture. Leave out the edges, this will give a beautiful darker texture around the edges.

Add another thin layer of butter, bake it again for 30 mins. Repeat if you want to enhance the texture.

My image below shows how the texture changed after 1st instance of butter layer and second butter layer.

Also the more you use your trays the better textured it will become. I also sometimes just keep the empty tray in lower rack when baking something. Over time it will only get enhanced and start looking very rustic.

And just not stop with the trays, I did the same with couple of spoons and aluminium ramekins as well.

The below tray was really interesting, before I did this DIY to give it a rustic look, one day I had left the tray on lower rack with a silpat mat. The silpat mat was greasy and it left a beautiful pattern on the tray. I infact stopped using the tray thinking the stain will ruin further baking, but now after this DIY, I have started using it again for baking and the butter layer has kind of made it slighty non stick.

Now some of the food shots I tried after giving them the rustic look.


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