Day 10.365 – Orange Juice in Beaker and Jars Low Key Food Photography Session

I have an obsession lately for beakers, and apothecary jars and pharmacy bottles. I wanted to experiment them with juices and for this session I had so many different shots I loved, that it was difficult to chose the best ones. Also I am in love with my rustic wooden background. I have painstakingly used both sides of a teak wood slab and wood stained, sandpapered and wood stained, sandpapered several times to get the look. I am also explaining in brief below my lighting set up for this session.

My lighting setup for Low key food photography

I have also started experimenting with different lighting set up for my food shots using natural light in a more directional way. I previously have always used direct window light without using any directional lighting or diffusing it either. It used to give a very bland overall illumination to my food shots. Now I use a couple of foam boards to direct the natural window light onto a particular area of the shot to give it more like a low key exposure. You can see my set up below and corresponding image. Notice how the back of the image is illuminated and front relatively dark. I achieved this by the placing of foam board, to block the window light partly in the front of the image.

In the image below, I slightly moved the foam board to block the light completely in the back of the image. I somehow like how the previous image is and there is a ray of light falling in the foreground of the image.

Here is the same setup, but instead of illuminating the image from side, I chose back lighting but kept the window light partly shielded using the foam board.

Also see the image on a different grey background. I created this background, painting a plywood with patches of black and white.


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