Day 21/365 – Preparing Strawberries for freezing

Jan 21

Winter months is when strawberries are seen in abundance in Bangalore. They sell cheap and are at their best. I got this idea of freezing them for summers and have started doing this from last year. Though they last no more than a month. I use them happily through out summer months in smoothies and shakes. I bought a big batch this time to freeze them. I got so excited that after prepping them I turned my freezer to high to be super efficient.

And the same night my refrigerator broke. It was such a tragic story, got conned for repairing it with a local fraud mechanic, who took money and replaced parts with local substandard products. I don’t know what was I thinking. The refrigerator didn’t even last for a day. We have painstakingly waited patiently and finally after 2 more mechanics the one from the actual company authorized center did a good job and my refrigerator worked after 15 days. You can image things we take for granted, living without refrigerator was a night mare for 15 days. All my frozen products were spoiled. Luckily we have a smaller one in my other apartment and I was able to save these strawberries. We could use that refrigerator  only for essentials as my parents use them.

To freeze strawberries use a good batch. I used around 1/2 kg. Wash them and let them dry completely on a kitchen towel. After they are dried, hull them and pack in airtight containers. I used the same containers I bought them in, lining them with a parchment paper and finally sealing off with cling film. They last in the freezer for about 2 months.


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