Day 179/365 – Waffles

Ok, in past couple of months I have become crazy about waffles. I had been planning to buy a waffle maker since ages and finally took the plunge. It is a constraint for us since, I am already overwhelmed with so many kitchen gadgetry with no countertop room left.

But waffles have changed the way I look at grains, any grains. This is not only great for breakfast, but I have been making healthy savory ones with all possible combinations. I have experimented with cornmeal, oats, ragi, whole wheat, rice flour, cauliflower and almost 90 percent of times they have come out great. Even Indian breakfast like idlis, appam batters come out super cool in this. I will post some recipes when I find time. They are super cool way to eat grains.

Best part is everything can be prepped overnight and morning breakfast becomes a breeze in these, it’s just a matter of heating the waffle iron. And you can add all healthy food in a sneaky way and no one will ever know what’s in there. Below are just some of the variations I tried.

Whole wheat waffles with blackberry Jam

Day 179/365 - Waffles DSC_0435

Oats Waffle with Jamun

This is basically using oats flour and whole wheat

Day 182/365 - Oats Waffle with Jamun DSC_0506

DSC_0482 DSC_0492




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